The AI to simplify patent writing

Inventing a new product can be incredibly rewarding and can have a huge impact on many people’s lives.

To ensure that your invention is well protected, it is essential to have a proper patent.

Writing a patent is a complex process that involves researching existing patents and writing a clear and concise description of your invention.

While the process can be daunting, a proper patent ensures the rights to your invention.

PatSim supports writing a proper patent.


... the relationship between your document and the patent literature.


... your efforts seamlessly. This way you can analyze the patent landscape easily having the document in the center.


... your tailored patent interactively with AI support to forge your idea into a precious patent.

Turn your idea into a patent application in a few steps:

  • Upload your text
  • See its parent landscape
  • Improve your patent description
  • Prepare patent application

Why PatSim?

Writing a patent is a complex process around four requirements:






(within the law)

The AI of Patsim offers

Similarity Analysis to ensure 'New'

  • Compare the description and calculate similarity
  • Visualise similarity (FTO)
  • Analyse text sections for their impact on similarity

Extract relevant information to assess

  • non-obvious
  • usefulness
  • statutory

What is the PatSim similarity analysis?

  • Similarity calculated using your description
  • AI replaces keywords
  • Graphical display of patent landscape
  • (represents freedom-to-operate)

Deeper analysis of selected documents

Does a section enhance or reduce the similarity?
Create a pdf-report for offline-evaluation.

Confidentiality garantueed

  • We do not store your description by default
  • Opt-in to save it online